Spotting Medical Billing Errors

Either for an individual or for an attorney serving as a personal injury lawyer, spotting medical bill errors might be tough. Although billing errors result from common human mistakes, one single case might cause you to pay serious amounts of money out of your pocket.

A statistical analysis by Medicare has found that an average of 49% of medical bills contains errors, and also that some hospitals have more than 80% claims of errors to Medicare. A report by Financial Protection Bureau has also revealed that 52% of all the debt on credit reports is caused by medical bills.

So, if you are an attorney having a client complaining about medical overcharges, it might be difficult and really time consuming for you to spot each and every medical service that your client has received. A billing statement contains standardized numerical “CPT” codes to categorize treatments. The code can be Googled to find out what it stands for. Instead, you might ask for an itemized statement from the medical service provider, which gives a clearer view of the treatments and their costs and then immediately call MedAdvo for a complimentary review.

Yet, there are several steps to find the errors in the statement sheets which may require further investigation for some particular key reason for the billing errors. This analysis requires time and costs money and likely will cause the dispute to carry on for a longer period of time and here is where MedAdvo comes in.

We can help you make the bill analysis process less time consuming and thus save more money for you and your client. We have experienced professionals to help you find each and every error in your billing statement with less effort and time. Please contact us for more information today.

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