MedAdvo is a medical advocacy company specializing in assisting attorneys, individuals, and businesses with understanding healthcare costs and navigating the healthcare system. MedAdvo is a pioneering entity in detecting medical billing errors, inflation, overcharges, and other healthcare inefficiencies.

MedAdvo is a privately held company headquartered in Plantersville, MS. With over 100 years of combined healthcare experience, the executive team at MedAdvo is experienced in regulatory compliance, Medicare, Medicaid, 3rd party payers, executive leadership, strategic planning, health information management, forensic auditing, financial cost and negotiations, legal, nursing, social services, billing management and chargemaster review.

Ray Shoemaker, a former hospital system founder, operator and owner formed MedAdvo after his family was in a near fatal accident. As a result of this near fatal accident, his daughter suffered life threatening injuries. Her medical bills were overwhelming and her insurance benefits were exhausted. Fortunately, his family had excellent legal representation and avoided major financial crisis; however this situation was the inspiration for the formation of MedAdvo.

MedAdvo promotes rigorous standards for ethical considerations and codes of conduct in all matters. MedAdvo insists in its representation of its clients that quality healthcare can yet still be affordable. When you rely on MedAdvo, know that MedAdvo has a plan and that plan involves you!