There are many medical concerns that can be very confusing when dealing with workers’ compensation. As a workers’ compensation attorney, you have a vast and deep set of challenges to contend with: on-going care needs, issues with denials, and concerns of medical necessity. While you are dealing with these issues, your client is being urged to return to work prior to recovering.

In all matters, MedAdvo provides expert knowledge in dealing with regulatory, governmental and state specific matters. MedAdvo prepares appeals, responds to denials and manages the healthcare billing and collections process.

MedAdvo assists attorneys with closing cases faster and relieving the firm of the medical management burden. Our seasoned healthcare experts are trained in managing these complex matters with the highest degree of detail and integrity.

Workplace Injury:
Workers' Compensation.

Overcharges and mistakes in billing for medical procedures are common. If you had a recent major medical procedure and suspect you've been overcharged...

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