In order to explain Subrogation it is better to take a case as an example. Suppose, in case of a car crash, if the car owner owns an insurance which covers the damage to the car and his/her personal injury as well, then you can file a claim to the company. As a result the company has to pay all your expenses relating to the accident. If a third party is found to have caused the accident then your insurance carrier may claim a reimbursement from the other driver’s insurance carrier since the driver to whom they pay the insurance is in fault of the accident.

The above process is known as subrogation and it takes place almost behind the scenes with little effort from the insured. How subrogation works:

In general, subrogation allows an insurance carrier to pursue the negligent party on behalf of the insured and get the reimbursement from the party’s insurance carrier.

● Subrogation and vehicle accidents: Subrogation applies when your car has an accident due to another driver’s negligence. In that case, the insurer will obtain your signature from you for a subrogation release which gives you the right to recover to them the amount they have paid against the person responsible for your loss. Subrogation occurs after the original claim has been settled.

● Subrogation and Health Insurance: If a vehicle insurer subrogate for medical bills then it could be against the other driver’s insurance carrier. But it can also be against a health insurance policy owned by the driver in loss himself.

The insured is always sent documents describing the expenses of the insurance company for his/her accident or injury and also explain the company’s subrogation rights if you should later recover for those same injuries or damages in any lawsuit.

MedAdvo can assist in managing the subrogation process throughout the claim process. We are skilled in how to best negotiate subrogation matters. Our efforts reduce the overall liability for repayment and reduce exposure to the insured.

Let us help manage the maze in the subrogation process.

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Causes of medical billing errors are categorized into the following two main groups:

• Billing errors: In the USA, an average of up to 80% of the medical bills contains errors resulting from common humanly mistakes.
• Failure to stay up-to-date on medical billing rules and regulations: Billing rules are regularly changing. So, it requires repeated training and education to gain the latest rules and adapt to it. As a result it has a direct impact on the charges documented for treatments.

The above two reasons points out that it is even difficult for an attorney to find specific errors in a billing statement. Ordinary people might not give heed to it if the charges do not seem suspiciously high. As a result personal bankruptcy due to medical billing may range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.

So, if you are an attorney who has a client claiming that he/she has been overcharged by the medical provider, you would do your best to find out the human billing errors as well as get you knowledge up to date about the billing rules. These procedures might require months to complete and make your client loose the money he/she is hoping to save by solving the medical billing issue, due to charges associated to the case review.

As a result, a perfect approach might be to let MedAdvo handle the research, which it can do in less time and of course at a lower cost. We have highly specialized professionals who are experienced in performing the task with the highest amount of precision that you are looking for.

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Either for an individual or for an attorney serving as a personal injury lawyer, spotting medical bill errors might be tough. Although billing errors result from common human mistakes, one single case might cause you to pay serious amounts of money out of your pocket.

A statistical analysis by Medicare has found that an average of 49% of medical bills contains errors, and also that some hospitals have more than 80% claims of errors to Medicare. A report by Financial Protection Bureau has also revealed that 52% of all the debt on credit reports is caused by medical bills.

So, if you are an attorney having a client complaining about medical overcharges, it might be difficult and really time consuming for you to spot each and every medical service that your client has received. A billing statement contains standardized numerical “CPT” codes to categorize treatments. The code can be Googled to find out what it stands for. Instead, you might ask for an itemized statement from the medical service provider, which gives a clearer view of the treatments and their costs and then immediately call MedAdvo for a complimentary review.

Yet, there are several steps to find the errors in the statement sheets which may require further investigation for some particular key reason for the billing errors. This analysis requires time and costs money and likely will cause the dispute to carry on for a longer period of time and here is where MedAdvo comes in.

We can help you make the bill analysis process less time consuming and thus save more money for you and your client. We have experienced professionals to help you find each and every error in your billing statement with less effort and time. Please contact us for more information today.

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You might be a patient who has received treatments from several health care service providers. Your billing statement might seem to be charging you with an overwhelmingly high amount of money. Or, maybe you’re an attorney who has promised to help such a patient, overcharged by his/her medical provider.

Here are some of the common reasons of medical billing errors to look for:

• Duplicate charges
• Canceled tests or procedures
• Incorrect patient information
• Upcoding charge
• Unbundling of charges
• Balance billing when in-network
• Incorrect quantity
• Operating room and anesthesia time

Well, you can see that there are several of them, and investigating to find each one on your or your clients billing statement might be chaotic, confusing and time consuming. As a result the dispute can last longer than you expected. Now, don’t you think it will be a better idea to let a third party handle the analysis of the billing statement? This will let you concentrate more on your particular area of expertise, if you are an attorney, rather than spending time to analyze and find out simple human errors which has cause the billing issue.

MedAdvo can assure you perfect and accurate inquiry of each and every possible billing error. We serve to save you money and time. Our professional experts can find errors with great care and accuracy and quickly. We look forward to offer our best efforts right now.

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According to a recent article published by the Military Officers Association of America, nearly 30% of Medicare Part B premiums will increase by 50% in 2016. This increase is due to a "glitch" in the law regarding Part B beneficiaries.  The issue at hand is that the legal provision in the law holding increases below the Cost of Living Adjustments excludes "in error" a select group.  The select group: those that enter the Medicare system in 2016, those that pay their premium directly as oppsoed to deducting from social security and those that are making at least $85,000 as an individual or $170,000 as a couple.  Surprisingly, the most in this group are Federal Retirees under the Civil Service Retirement System (CCRS).  Under CCRS, there is no Social Security Benefit and Medicare premiums are paid directly to Medicare. 

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