Research shows that 7 out of 10 of your clients will be in serious medical debt? Burdensomely inflated medical costs contribute to this serious medical debt. The after effect of many your clients following a bankruptcy is that your clients will now ignore their health conditions and prolong much needed care. This ultimately increases their healthcare costs and creates a cycle of repeat bankruptcies.

MedAdvo provides solutions for medical bills of your clients that could benefit from an alternative to bankruptcies as well as your client who need assistance after their bankruptcy experience.

Contact MedAdvo, for more facts; let us give you more time to grow your practice and more options to your clients.



Overcharges and mistakes in billing for medical procedures can be costly, often contributing to financial turmoil. If you have a client who is considering, needs alternatives, or are completed with bankruptcy proceedings; contact us to see how we can help in either scenario.

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