Personal Bankruptcy Due to Medical Bill Errors

Causes of medical billing errors are categorized into the following two main groups:

• Billing errors: In the USA, an average of up to 80% of the medical bills contains errors resulting from common humanly mistakes.
• Failure to stay up-to-date on medical billing rules and regulations: Billing rules are regularly changing. So, it requires repeated training and education to gain the latest rules and adapt to it. As a result it has a direct impact on the charges documented for treatments.

The above two reasons points out that it is even difficult for an attorney to find specific errors in a billing statement. Ordinary people might not give heed to it if the charges do not seem suspiciously high. As a result personal bankruptcy due to medical billing may range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.

So, if you are an attorney who has a client claiming that he/she has been overcharged by the medical provider, you would do your best to find out the human billing errors as well as get you knowledge up to date about the billing rules. These procedures might require months to complete and make your client loose the money he/she is hoping to save by solving the medical billing issue, due to charges associated to the case review.

As a result, a perfect approach might be to let MedAdvo handle the research, which it can do in less time and of course at a lower cost. We have highly specialized professionals who are experienced in performing the task with the highest amount of precision that you are looking for.

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