Common Causes of Billing Errors

You might be a patient who has received treatments from several health care service providers. Your billing statement might seem to be charging you with an overwhelmingly high amount of money. Or, maybe you’re an attorney who has promised to help such a patient, overcharged by his/her medical provider.

Here are some of the common reasons of medical billing errors to look for:

• Duplicate charges
• Canceled tests or procedures
• Incorrect patient information
• Upcoding charge
• Unbundling of charges
• Balance billing when in-network
• Incorrect quantity
• Operating room and anesthesia time

Well, you can see that there are several of them, and investigating to find each one on your or your clients billing statement might be chaotic, confusing and time consuming. As a result the dispute can last longer than you expected. Now, don’t you think it will be a better idea to let a third party handle the analysis of the billing statement? This will let you concentrate more on your particular area of expertise, if you are an attorney, rather than spending time to analyze and find out simple human errors which has cause the billing issue.

MedAdvo can assure you perfect and accurate inquiry of each and every possible billing error. We serve to save you money and time. Our professional experts can find errors with great care and accuracy and quickly. We look forward to offer our best efforts right now.

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